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Red Fort World famous Citadel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site was laid out in 17th century. Enclosed by red coloured stone wall, bastions and gates, this huge monument is an architectural marvel in itself. It lies on the right side of Yamuna Bank, completed over a span of 9 years.

Red Fort of Delhi encloses in itself a number of monuments Nuabat or Naqqar Khana, Diwan – I – Am, Mumtaz Mahal, Rang Mahal, Khas Mahal, Muthamman – Burj, Diwan – I – Khas, Hammam, Moti – Masjid, Hyaat- Bakhsh – Garden and Pavillions. All these monuments are a marvel to watch and its really worth to spend time to see each of them with intense gravity and interest.

One can enter the Royal monument either through Lahori Gate or Delhi Gate – East and West Gates. If one enters Lal Quila from western gate, then the first thing one gets to see is Chhatta – Chowk. Rom here one reaches naubat or DRUM House where ceremonial music was played on specific occasions. From here one reaches the Diwan – I – Aam. The upper storey of it has got Indian War Memorial for which separate ticket has to be bought.

The route from here leads to Rang Mahal or Painted Palace. See here the arched front, vaulted chambers and its interior walls painted beautifully. Just next to it is a Stream of Paradise or Nahr – I – Bihisht with a central marble basin fitted with ivory fountain. The Mumtaz Mahal, just next to it, now houses the Delhi Fort Museum. Inside the museum one can find numerous things of the Mughal Empire which are on display.

Next comes the Diwan – I – Khas or Hall of Private audience where meetings between the Emperor and his ministers used to take place. This highly ornamented place is an awe to look at. Enlarged arches, ornamental floral pietra dura panels and the marble dias which was supposed to have the famous Peacock Throne – carried away by Muslim Ruler Nadir Shah; is something not to be missed out!

One of the most interesting monuments inside Red Fort is Hammam “Bath” room which further contains three main apartments. The uniqueness of this place is that even in that era, Hammam were provided with Hot and Cold Water and the easternmost apartment gave rose water especially for the Queens and the Princess! Near to Hammam is the “Pearl Mosque” and “Hayat – Bakhsh – Bagh” – Life Giving Garden with Pavilions.

One of the most beautiful monuments made during the Mughal Empire, the Red Fort of Delhi, presents a unique insight into what the architecture of Mughals used to be. What is best about these monuments is that these still stand baving the heat and cold of changing seasons and centuries – winning each day!

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