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Parliament House Located at the end of the Sansad Marg, the Parliament House or Sansad Bhavan is one of the most impressive buildings in New Delhi. The Parliament House comprises of a central hall which is circular in shape and is considered to be very important part of the building since this is the place where the Indian Constitution was drafted. The Parliament houses the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and a library hall. There lies a garden in between three chambers. Not just this, but Parliament House also has the facilities for the accommodation for the ministers, the important officers of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, Chairman and Parliamentary Committees.

With the aim of educating people on Democratic Heritage of India, The Parliament House also houses a museum which dates back to 2500 back and is set up in a very interesting way and is made complete with light videos and sounds, large interactive computer screens and others. Constructed in the Imperial Style, the Parliament House consists of an open verandah with around 144 columns.

The Parliament House was designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. The foundation stone of the building was laid by the Duke of Connaught in the year 1921 and the iconic building was inaugurated in 1927 by Lord and Lady Irwin.

The Parliament House is a huge circular, colonnaded building of sandstone located to the northwest of Vijay Chowk. The building comprises of three semicircular chambers for the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and a Central Library crowned by a 29.9m high dome over which now flaps the tri colors of the Indian flag. The three semi-circular chambers were originally designed for the Chamber of Princes, the Council of State and the Legislative Assembly. The building has a diameter of 170.69m and covers 2.02 hectares in area, with colonnaded verandahs lined with 144 identical columns each 8.23 m high enclosing the entire circumference.

The Central Hall, located at the centre of the circular Parliament House, is surrounded by three Chambers and three well laid-out courtyards with lush green lawns and fountains. Short passages radiating from three equidistant points on the circumference of the Hall connect the Lok Sabha Chamber, the Rajya Sabha Chamber and the earlier Library Hall. The entire Parliament House Estate is enclosed by an ornamental red sand stone wall with iron gates.

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