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Mehtab Bagh Located just north to the glorious wonder called the Taj Mahal and overlooking the Agra Fort and Yamuna river on the opposite side, Mehtab Bagh is one of the last Mughal gardens and one of the most scenic spots in Agra. Perfectly quadrilateral in shape and colloquially known as the Moonlight garden, the stunning Mehtab Bagh is the last one of the eleven similar Mughal- built garden complexes along the Yamuna bank. Laid out in just the right symmetry and perfectly aligned with the gardens of Taj Mahal, the garden provides a picture-perfect view of the Taj from the fountain at the front of the entrance gate. Mehtab Bagh is a popular sunset spot among the photography fanatics and nature enthusiasts.

The splendid Mehtab Bagh has four sandstone towers, one each at the corner with a huge octagonal tank right in the centre. It is believed that Shah Jahan especially got the bagh designed for his personal interests so he could come up here and admire the infinite beauty of his favourite piece of art. On the moonlit nights, the clear reflection of the wondrous Taj Mahal in the waters of the park is a sight beyond description. Mehtabh Bagh is now a horticulture delight with scores of vibrantly blooming floral plants and medicinal herbs, besides the umpteen fruit trees, which add to the beauty of the park.

Why Mehtab Bagh is so famous ? A compound wall measuring 289m in height surrounds the entire park. You can find towers with domes made of sandstones in each corner. A large pathway made of brick runs through the park. Near the entrance, you can find a small shrine. A large pond inside the park reflects the image of Taj Mahal. You can find the foundation of the Black Taj Mahal near the pond. On the northern side of the pond, you can find a step fountain now not in use. It is assumed that the fountain would have been used to feed the pond with water. Top plants to spot inside the park are Neem, Citrus fruits, Hibiscus, Jamun, Ashoka, Guava and others. You can find a lot of bright colored flower in the park.

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